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Cinderella’s dress, shoes, and hairband change color with your blog!!

This looks perfect on a white background. So pretty to see her dress being silver like it is in the film.

Wow cinderella looks good in macaroni. 

this is my favorite addition wow A+

my background is black

i was really excited about seeing this on my own blog and then i remembered my background is light blue :|

My blog is eyes. Eyes and Xs. This was a poor decision.

Pokemon x and y players! If three new pokemon werent exciting enough for you? How about some new moves? new attacks have been exposed. The revealed moves named, Thousand Arrows, Thousand Waves and Hold Hands are the 3 new moves that players of the Pokemon XY games can get excited about. If you look above at the image of Shiny Volcanion that was found through game hacking, is able to learn these moves. All three moves are indeed moments away from being Serebii Official and announced by Game Freak. Lets talk about these new moves shall we? Thousand Waves is a Ground type attack with 10 PP, base 90 power and 100 accuracy. Base Description: “The user attacks with a wave that crawls along the ground.” With any targets hit not being able to flee from battle.

Thousand Arrows is a similar move in that it’s also of the Ground persuasion and is a physical attack. It is a ground type move, however it is also effective on flying types! This now gives the player the ability to knockthem to the ground. This move would prove interesting in a sky battle? Would it result in a K.O.?
The move Hold Hands is specifically for DOUBLE BATTLES. The double battle attack allows the allies to hold hands. The attack is similar in nature to Helping Hand which calls upon the help of other pokemon in your party.

What do you guys think? Excited? Or Nah?

Dont forget to check back for Pokemon X and Y updates!

Pokemon X and Y WILL be having a Darkrai event (confirmed)

March 14, 2014

The first pokemon event of 2014 goes to Darkrai! Darkrai will be level 50 and located inside a dusk ball. “This will be the year of pokemon events!” According to one website. Darkrai will come will a moveset that includes Phantom Force. Darkrai will learn the moves Dark Void, Dark Pulse and Dream Eater, but also the new ability Phantom Force which is brand new to Darkrai. If you are in Japan, you can obtain your Darkrai by purchasing a ticket to the Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie film before july 19th The movie tickets will come with a code or serial number that you can use. For north America and all other subsidiaries, there is no further information as of today about getting Darkrai outside of Japan. Check back for updates!

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